Payment Options

There are 3 authorized monthly rent payment options for all tenants.

• Check or Money Order by US Mail (USPS)

Most tenants use this option already. Simply write us a check and mail it to us. The date of payment is recorded as the date postmarked by the USPS. You will not be issued a receipt; your cancelled or cleared check will be your receipt. Some tenants set up automatic “Bill Pay” through their bank. In that case you don’t have to write the check, the bank or a third party issues/sends a check to us. Either way the payment is received along with our regular mail.

• Direct Funds Transfer

We have a special account set up for both Brickyard and Meinhardt for direct transfers from your account into ours. We provide you with the necessary account and routing numbers and you transfer the funds directly from your bank to ours, no paper needed. Sometimes this is set up by you at your bank to occur automatically on a specific day of the month. Once received by our bank the funds are automatically transferred into another secure account. We receive notification with the date and time that the transfer occurred. No receipt is issued by us because you will have record of the transfer in your banking records. If you choose this method we will provide you with the corresponding account numbers needed by your bank or financial institution.

• Direct Deposit into Our Account at First County Bank (FCB) New Baden

We have made special arrangements with FCB New Baden Facility to accept rent payments: at the drive thru, by any teller, or via their after hours night deposit. FCB’s hours can be found on their web site or by calling them at 588-3511. To do this you will need to use a special color coded deposit slip we will provide. We will provide a supply of these slips. You will need to use one each time you make a rent payment. We receive this slip back from the bank monthly to assure that your deposit is credited correctly. You will receive a receipt from the teller. Unfortunately this option is only available at the New Baden Facility at this time.

Yours will look similar to this:
Deposit Slip